The Straw Poll

A few weeks back I went to the Republican Straw Poll with Russell, even though I will be voting for Obama in 2012. Here are a few pictures:

Bachmann definitely had the best organization at this event.

McCotter’s way creepy van.

Members of the “Lamestream Media”, no doubt.

The line to get in to Hilton was substantial.

Ron Paul’s Inflatable Uncle Sam.

Some chick from FoxNews that made a terrible joke about Barney Frank being there.

Although I endorse Rick Santorum’s homemade peach jelly, I do not endorse Rick Santorum presidential candidate.

My 2nd favorite people at the Straw Poll. My favorite people were a young couple wearing homemade t-shirts. On the front it said: “Moderate Conservatives” and on the back it said: “Please Don’t Hate Us”.

McCotter’s Creepy Van

A McCotter supporter handing out bomb pops.

Although it looks like I’m enjoying this bomb pop, I am not. At least it was marginally better than the sno-cones the wind energy people were handing out.

Pictures with the an Abraham Lincoln look-a-like. At least I assume it wasn’t the real Abraham Lincoln because he wasn’t wandering around muttering: “How did my party go from the abolition of slavery to tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% as its core value?”

McCotter! Despite his creepy van, McCotter was my favorite candidate there!

Even though this is clearly the Iowa State Center, I heard more than one speaker try to goose the crowd with a “Go Hawks!” thrown into their speech. Yea! Screw those guys!

I took a picture of this thing to remind me how inclusive the Republican Party has become. Room for people at diverging opinions at the table. Oh there isn’t?

Russell signing the turbine blade. Not the only minority there, but if you take out Herman Cain…

The Bachmann camp did play hardball with their petting zoo. You had to vote for her to get in to it.

Ron Paul’s classy dunk tank with a guy wearing a Bernanke mask.

It was an interesting event and I can’t wait to go again in four more years.

Next week’s Random Wednesday involves pictures from my trips to the State Fair.

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  1. You got me with the Herman Cain line. Let’s say there were other minorities. Asians and Hispanics and Ron Paul’s people…

  2. Glad you enjoyed that one!

    I should have pointed out your great line about being “fiscally conservative” when it came to buying anything.

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