A few weeks back I went to watch Jen and her crew dominate the Des Moines Regatta. I used to have a bunch of statistics to back up this assertion, but they have since fleed from this old man’s brain.

I do know that Jen’s crew got the gold medal in their division and their time was good enough to beat at least one of the colleges competing.

I’m going to split these pictures into 2 categories. The first category is Evie doing cute Evie things:

Monkeys are Evie’s favorite although I think monkeys should be spelled monkies. Not sure why I feel that way.

This awesome baby backpack enabled Derrick and I to do some serious “extreme” hiking.

Too extreme for tuckered out Evie.

Most people wouldn’t advertise this fact, but unpictured was Evie’s first trip through a homeless camp. I’m pretty proud of having played a role in this “Evie’s First”.

Here are a collection of Jen’s crew in full domination mode:

There are many other high quality regatta pictures in this album:

Des Moines Regatta

I might have said this last week and it was a lie, but next week’s random collection will definitely involve Senior Pictures.