Iowa Gothic

Jesse and I went on a road trip a ways back. Here are some images from that trip, provided with the occasional commentary.

I love the fact that “Loafing” was prohibited.

I had to have this picture taken as 1 of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies (Taxi Driver) is when Robert DeNiro takes his date to the porn theater because he doesn’t know any better.

The chick that ran this place was awesome & I think we were her favorite guests of the day.

There aren’t enough buildings in Iowa that are marked where a ship ran into them.


Anybody who knows the exact reason why we stopped to take this picture is one of my favorite people in the world.

I am already looking forward to our next road trip. Maybe a couple more people will join us. If interested, forward your Road Tripping Resume to me. We will be looking for people with a sense of adventure and a large bladder. The bladder size is negotiable.

5 thoughts on “Iowa Gothic”

  1. Yes they are. The whole outfit cuts off in places where they are no longer seen.

    Easy to put on. Easy to take off.

  2. Highway 61 is the BLues Highway?

    I know my bladder does not meet your stringent criteria from experience!

  3. Highway 61 is the blues highway.

    I just wish I had a Mississippi string tie. That is what a bluesman wears.

    Although I really want to do that picture with Derrick on a more rural part of 61. He’ll be Lightning Boy (the bluesman from Long Island) and I’ll be Blind Dog.

    We just need the proper props.

    A more beatup guitar. At that point in the film Lightning Boy hasn’t learned that “Muddy Waters invented electricity”.

  4. Oh and I remember your road trip limitations very well.

    One of the advantages of male road tripping is both the ability to hold and the ability to go in a ditch.

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