Personal Photo Project of the Week #105

Valentine’s Day 2012

If I were in the frame of mind to send out Valentines this year, it would have involved this picture. Of course, I wasn’t in such a state of mind, so you get to see it late, but as they say, that is life.

I also played with trying to set a heart shaped sucker on fire, but it turns out that it is really hard to set a sucker on fire AND the sucker didn’t really look like a heart.

This more abstract image of a heart is the other image I played with before I packed up all the conversation hearts and gave them to Jen. She actually enjoys these bits of nastiness.

On a sidenote, Jen says that if you put a piece of bread in the container with conversation hearts that have gotten too hard, they return to being “edible”. Derrick did not comment while she explained this to me.