United Way Wall

Shannon contacted me about contributing some photos to the wall near her desk at the United Way of Story County office a couple months back.

I was able to get those pictures ordered for her and she got them on the wall a couple weeks back. I don’t have a picture of the wall at this time as I haven’t had a chance to go see it, but here is a general idea of what it looks like:

To see those pictures a tad bit larger:


Cry Gratitude

When I get a chance to see the new Photography 139 Gallery, I will post a photo.

2 thoughts on “United Way Wall”

  1. Do you mean to imply that the camera phone picture I sent you isn’t good enough to post on your blog? (Just kidding – it was a crappy camera phone picture!) We should definitely do lunch sometime soon. Maybe that would give you an excuse to swing by and see how great it looks!

  2. It was good enough for me to post on Twitter, if that makes you feel good.

    Lunch next week should be doable.

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