Personal Photo Project of the Week #111

Welcome to Melbourne, Iowa

On my way between State Center and Methodist I was told to meander. So I meandered to Melbourne, Iowa. It is mostly a nondescript town with the exception of an old school that is being torn down and this fascinating viaduct under the old right of way of a long abandoned railroad.

You may not know that one of the first things that attracted me to photography was old photographs of trains. That is probably the Boone in me. So I enjoy finding relics (nearly abandoned) of a time when the steel horse dominated commerce.

So I pulled over the car and took a few pictures.

The rest of the Welcome to Melbourne, Iowa Series:

As I think about it, it might have been best to photograph this viaduct at night or in the company of another person to act as a model. Perhaps if I am ever in Melbourne’s neck of the woods again this viaduct and I will dance again.