Instagram Update

Since most of the random pictures I’ve taken are of the “can’t-quite-publish-yet” variety, I thought I would publish some of my favorite Instagram pictures of the last few months.

Since I got a new phone and have been able to get back on Instagram.

Of course, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen all of these pictures before.
If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen most of these pictures before.
If we are friends on Facebook, you’ve seen a few of these pictures before.

The Living Legend

My New Bike

Stay Classy

Lake LaVerne

What my Birthday Cake will Look Like Next Year

I Want this Sign


On the way to the Dog Park

The Essence of my Life

Cyclone Tailgating

Andrea’s New Church


Josh and Andrea

Whole Family



Mini Train!

Sara and Shawn – Pufferbilly Days Parade

Boone First United Methodist Church

Recently donated to the Boone First United Methodist Church Youth Group

Luckiest Son-of-a-Gun I Know

Visiting Derrick

Tenderloining without my Partner – Legal Limit

Making Pickle Relish

Logan at the Block Party

Barn I wish to Photograph

Smith Wedding

Best Part of Thomas the Tank

Touching the Baby

Thomas the Tank

Junckner Photo Shoot

Vi Fellowshipping It Up

Creepy Work Thing

Tailgating in Style


Hot Dog Cart Day!


Most accurate artist depiction of Iowa fans I’ve ever seen!



Another Experiment

Instagram may have replaced Twitter as my favorite social media outlet. Not as useful as Twitter, but probably more fun. Plus I may have an addiction to the Photo Map feature. Even though what that feature tells me is that I need to road trip in the worst possible way.