Mud Run

On Saturday, I completed a bargain I made with Sara back in February to “compete” in the Mud Run. Well, the way we handled it, it was more like a Mud Stroll and since it isn’t actually a competitive race, we didn’t really compete. However, we didn’t finish even close to last, you know, if it were a competition.

Shawn graciously agreed to be our photographer for the event, so here are some of the images he captured.

Our intrepid photojournalist.

They recommended you triple knot your shoes. My shoes did not come off during the race like the hundred or so we saw littering the course.

Finishing Strong!

I have to confess the course was harder than I expected and my shoes were so suctioned to my feet at the end of the day, I had to cut the shoe laces to get them off of my feet. I’m hoping to draft a few more people for next year’s run. Jesse has already signed on (assuming he can drag himself away from the Little League Park) for next year.

I have also tentatively agreed to do the Turkey Trot with Sara in November.