Kentucky Mini Vacation – Phone Edition

A few week backs I went to Kentucky with Teresa and Logan to visit Ernie. Here are a few pictures from that trip from the phone:

Tom’s Pancake House and Restaurant

Somewhere I made a great joke about a pancake cooking a pancake, but nobody has enjoyed it, so I will deny you its greatness!

The Browse-A-Bout – Greatest Name Ever?

There was also a great penis joke I made when I posted this to Instagram, but once again, I’ll refrain…

This is what passes for chocolate milk in Kentucky.

The ferry across the Ohio River.

The Garden of the Gods

Buzzard Rock Marina

I actually did!

The Grand Ole Opry

Ernie’s Hat. Ernie has a small head.

Loveless Cafe=Excellence

Antique Archaeology in Nashville was quite the disappontment.

Next week’s Wednesday randomness will be another Instagram dump.