3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day 0034”

  1. Except for the angry part… now wait… that is actually natural for him as well.

  2. Not related, but I’ve become semi-addicted to this web soap opera called As the Corn Grows that was produced in Minnesota about 4-5 years ago I’m guessing. Each episode is between 5-10 minutes.

    Any way, I think I’m attracted to it in the same way I’m attracted to Night of the Lepus, the new Applebee’s Hoiburger ad, Hooray for Ames, The Swarm, and Robot Monster.

    But the point of this, is I think the person in the show that plays Urban Katie might be a long lost aunt of yours:


    I should point out that in the earlier episode she was missing a tooth, but about 30 episodes in she got her teeth fixed. It is the full toothed Urban Katie that I think looks vaguely like she could be a relative of yours.

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