Guest Photo of the Day 001

Russell is a HUGE fan of blimps and snapped this picture with his iPhone and then sent it to me in the hopes I would share it with the masses. (Photo by Russell Kennerly)
Russell is a HUGE fan of blimps and when he saw this blimp floating near his place of employment he sent it on to me hoping I would share it with the masses. So I have. Snaps for Russell.

What Russell doesn’t know is that while I can claim a decent amount of subscribers as far as I know only 3 people actually gander at my ramblings. So I hope Baier, Shannon, and Micky enjoyed Russell’s contribution to this here blog, ahem, online journal. I can already hear Micky calling this entry “blimp porn”.


Since I didn’t do the photography he will present me with a long diatribe about how this picture of the blimp was tastefully done and therefore not pornographic in any way. I guess I’ll wait with bated breath.

3 thoughts on “Guest Photo of the Day 001”

  1. Micky is actually out today with a sick child. So that number might be down to 2.

    I have 30 some subscribers, I have a handful of people that occasionally respond to what ends up in their inbox.

    Most of that was hyperbole to set up the joke about Micky.

  2. That’s one of the best photographs I have ever seen of a blimp. I’m sure readership has increased.

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