Photo of the Day 0122

Storm clouds.

Sometimes when I look at clouds, I think about pedophiles.

Did it get really dark in here? Let me explain. Well part of the story.

A guy I knew from high school, (I definitely wouldn’t call him a friend. A friend of a friend) ran an email discussion group. An actual friend of mine invited me to join. He knew I enjoyed science fiction (to a degree) and fantasy (to a lesser degree) and so he felt that I might be a fresh voice in this discussion group that was a cacophony of noise.

That is my way of saying that I didn’t fit into this discussion group at all. These guys would type out a thousand words about how letter 72 on page 365 of THE LORD OF THE RINGS movie was not exactly the same as it was in the book.

There was also much discussion about the CGI that George Lucas added to his old timey Star Wars movies. Even if I tried really, really hard I couldn’t care at all about 99.9% of their discussions. When I did respond to the threads, it was mostly just trolling to see if I could get a reaction.

Then one day, the guy that ran the group sent out an email with a few attachments. One of the attachments was a collection of pictures of a girl who was the daughter of a couple of his co-workers. About 9-10 years of age I would have guessed. The second attachment was a short story, going into explicit detail about the author having sex with the girl. Thankfully, I don’t remember much about the story other than it ended with the girl’s father calling them to come downstairs for waffles.

This same guy also ran a website he called something like MASTER OF CLOUDS. Although I don’t remember the exact name of the website I do remember the website’s tagline: “The web’s #1 source for high quality cloud pictures.”

While there is obviously more to the story, that ends in me losing respect for lots of people and the Cloud Master losing his job, I’ll just leave it that this is the reason that sometimes when I look at clouds, I think of pedophiles.

A reason that you don’t want inside this brain.