Superfluff Chronicles No.1 – SURPRISE AHEAD – Age 10


A short story
Christopher D. Bennett
Age 10

Write what the pictures tell. Pictures are of a family in a station wagon driving down a road and the luggage that has been strapped to the top of the car has fallen off.

At a small town, in a planet called Earth, in a Continent called North America, in country called U.S.A, in a state California, in a town named San Diego. The Reeds packed for a trip. They were going to everybodies dream Spot Boone, Iowa. Mom Says, “Get in the car Marie, Dennis, and Jeff. But on the way the luggage comes off. Then Superfluff came along picked the stuff with a single claw. He ran at supersonic speed. Superfluff saves the day, when he catches up with the Reeds. Superfluff changes into his secret Identity as Fluffy as a rabbit, and a pet.