Wet Pooch

Tuesday night was the annual night where they let people take their dogs to the pool in Boone.

This is the 3rd straight year I’ve taken Naima. For the 3rd straight year, she loved being in the wading pool and any place where her paws could touch the bottom. However, in places where she had to swim, she didn’t like so much.

Naima, home from the pool relaxes after being a big wuss at the pool.

In this photo Naima is resting at home after what I think she considered to be a successful day at the pool.


FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (90 mm – 35mm equivalency)
ISO: 1600

2 thoughts on “Wet Pooch”

  1. There is a lot of acuity and sharpness in this! You can almost smell the wet dog.

    I am also amazed that you can get a rambunctious dog to sit still for a photo.

  2. She actually hates having her picture taken, so this is a small miracle. That she is actually looking at the camera.

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