Baby Got Awards

For the third time in as many years I was an auxiliary member of the award winning competitive barbecue team Baby Got Rack at the Pufferbilly Days Barbecue Contest. In many ways the Pufferbilly Days Barbecue Contest was a much bigger success than in previous years. There were 15 teams competing and I’d guess that there were over 200 people there milling around and trying the free samples from the teams competing.

Here are a few pictures from the competition:

As you can see, Baby Got Rack came home with multiple awards. 3rd Place for chicken. 2nd Place for pork loin, 3rd Place overall (no trophy), and the first ever Peoples Choice Award. It is not a coincidence that a well-documented “Man of the People” like me and Scottie D. would work for and attain such a prestigious award.

The secret to Baby Got Rack’s success, besides incredible teamwork and charisma? Well, Scottie D. makes the injection and House makes the rub. Other than that, you’ll have to spy on one of our team meetings.

If you are an aspiring graphic designer and work for the price of next to nothing, Baby Got Rack is looking for a logo to help brand the team on its adventures moving forward. If you have ideas and sketches, I might be able to get you invited to the next team meeting. However, you might be searched for a wire. The world of competitive barbecue is cutthroat. We take no chances.

If you are the observant type of person, you may have noticed that this is the second appearance by Scottie D. in less than a week. That is not completely random. All part of a new philosophy that I’ve adopted. He just doesn’t know it.

My new philosophy has a name. If you ask, I won’t tell you.


On an unrelated note, as the barbecue contest is really beginning to take off, it seems like the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest is beginning to peter out. There were less than 20 photo entries this year. I haven’t entered the contest in probably 7 or 8 years. In that time all of the best photographers I know have also stopped entering. I don’t know why they stopped entering, but I know the reasons why I stopped entering. Those reasons don’t stand up to scrutiny when placed under my new philosophy. Therefore, if the Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest returns next year, I intend on throwing my hat back into the ring. Hopefully, I will get my hat back afterwards. I like that hat.


One other personal note, I had another great personal victory on Sunday. While shopping at the book store in Boone I found a book I have coveted for years and years and years. A book that I would have gladly paid a princely fortune to obtain. Only I didn’t have to pay a princely fortune. It was in a collection of books that were available to take as many as you could fit into a bag for 2 dollars, American.

At this time I will keep the details of that book a secret to only those that would understand its greatness and significance. However, believe me, you will be hearing about this book again in the future, “for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.”*

*That was a clue, in case you are denser than osmium.

6 thoughts on “Baby Got Awards”

  1. That looks delicious. I have no graphic design skills, but I would think that a name such as “Baby Got Rack” would offer a treasure trove of options.

    That was a book?

  2. They’ve had a photo contest for almost as long as there has been a Pufferbilly Days. Usually there are so many entries they can barely fit them in the display area.

    Although I have to say that it is a fairly poorly ran photo contest.

    Was does “That was a book?” mean?

  3. I truly didn’t know there was a contest, and I grew up in Ogden! Is it usually on Story, or at the Community Building or something?

    Sorry – Plan 9. I thought it was just the movie, which it has been years since I’ve seen. That’s the source of the quote, right?

  4. Except for the couple of years when they tried to kill Pufferbilly Days by moving it to the fairgrounds, it is displayed in the window of Ensley Photography.

    The quote is from the movie PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. That is the source of the quote. However, if you think the book is the novelization of said movie, you are mistaken. Unfortunately, nothing nearly that awesome exists in this world.

  5. Ah, I bet I just never went and looked at their window. I wish now I had.

    That’s exactly what I was wondering – if either there was a novelization of the movie, or if (less likely) the movie was based on a book that I’d not known existed.

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