A couple months back I went to Minnesota to visit Bethany, Becca, and Dae Hee. We spent one muggy afternoon visiting Minnehaha Falls.

I do plan on revisiting these falls in the winter this year. Hopefully. Better prepared. Hopefully.


FOCAL LENGTH: 18mm (35mm equivalency – 27mm)
ISO: 100
DATE: 07-11-2015 12:07 PM
LATITUDE: 44° 54′ 55″
LONGITUDE: 93° 12′ 40″
ALTITUDE: 234 meters

3 thoughts on “Gravity”

  1. The problem with visiting these falls is that it is lousy with people.

    Shhhhh! I Photoshopped out 5 or 6 people from this image.

  2. I’d never be able to tell you Photoshopped them.

    We didn’t make it to the Falls during our mini-trip in early August; but if it’s anything like Como Park was, I can imagine people were everywhere.

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