Sorry. Not Sorry.

While I’m rediscovering the joys of Photoshop, you may get several posts like this one you’re staring at.

Below is basically the original image. Yes, a little color correction and eliminated some debris from the petals, you know how it is…

Flower from the Iowa State Fair.

Anyways, I wanted to play with some of the black & white settings in Photoshop and so I made this bad boy…

Changed to black & white and tinted slightly.

Anyways, I enjoy it.


FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (35mm equivalency – 90mm)
ISO: 800
DATE: 08-22-2015 – 18:15
LATITUDE: 41° 35′ 41″
LONGITUDE: 93° 33′ 5″
ALTITUDE: 188.31 meters

15 thoughts on “Sorry. Not Sorry.”

  1. I really like both the original and the b&w. I like that you can see the gradual transition of the colors in the original, as it makes the petals interesting – but it’s also need that the virtual absence of that in the b&w brings your focus to the middle. Very cool in both.

  2. As the only person that ever comments on these posts I’ll give you a heads up on something…

    On Monday when I start the Weekly Photo Challenge, the first week’s theme will be NIGHT.

  3. Excellent! I will have to get out my tripod. I really wanted to get a picture of JTS at night, and tried it as Leah and I were leaving class last week, but I didn’t have my tripod out and it turned out terrible.

  4. I’ll forward her this blog entry! I know that she is taking a second class, too, that’s sort of on how to develop an artistic eye. I would have liked to have taken that class, also, but Alice gets sad when I’m gone for even one night. I hope she participates!

  5. I’m a little afraid of the whole potty training thing with a boy. Charlie is rather rambunctious as it is, I’m not going to guess he’s going to want to slow down to aim much.

  6. “Let’s go make bubbles!” is my phrase of choice for encouraging the 3 year old to go to the bathroom.
    (I didn’t really need to add this, sometimes it’s just fun taking the comments of an entirely unrelated blog and turning it in to stories of little kids pissing).

  7. My unsolicited advice (and understand I have NO experience with this) start him out outside. That is why God invented fences.

  8. You say that now. Wait until the lad discovers peeing outside is cool and that’s all he wants to do. The 25 steps from my garage to the house? Time to pee. Step outside with the dog? Time to pee.

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