Work Opportunity!

See this house…

My house. Before the paint job. Hope that isn't optimism talking.

It is a sad little house in need of a new paint job…

But there is good news, so rejoice!

I have bought a bunch of paint and I am throwing a painting party!

“What is a painting party?” You may ask.

It is a party where a bunch of people come over and paint my house.

“That sounds like a terrible party.” A lazy person might say.

However, if you think about it, it is actually just as great, grand, and wonderful as any other party.

It has all the same fun things other parties have:

A Dog
Fresh Air
Good People
Stimulating Conversation
Danger (Maybe)
A Sense of Accomplishment

And of course all great parties should end with the need to shower.*

“Wow Chris! That does sound like a great party. What do I have to do?”

For starters, this party will stretch over 2 days. There will be a prep day and a painting day.

Prep Day

Saturday, September 26
Approximately 10-2

Painting Day

Sunday, September 27
Approximately 10- whenever

I honestly don’t anticipate it taking an incredibly long time to paint my house. It isn’t very tall. So come put some paint on my house for a little bit. Then head out. I won’t hate.

I should also state that the only way to be guaranteed an invitation to the 2016 Birthday Party is to come help paint. While that Birthday Party might not be anything special, the invitations will be.

*Shower facilities on site.

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  1. We’ve got things going on both days, or I’d be there in a heartbeat! Caveat, I’m a terrible painter.

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