Back to the Fair

A little return to my trip to the Iowa State Fair.

A windmill near the Agriculture Building at the Iowa State Fair.

This windmill is actually located in the same place as all the flowers.


FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (90mm – 35mm Equivalency)
ISO: 100
LATITUDE: 41° 35′ 41.9″
LONGITUDE: 93° 33′ 5.3″
ALTITUDE: 239.29 meters

On a housekeeping note, it should be noted, that recently a new Photography 139 blog subscriber was added. So welcome to Dae Hee. If you see him on the streets, give him a knowing glance and the secret handshake.

7 thoughts on “Back to the Fair”

  1. ‘Sup, Dae Hee.

    I like the depth of color on the windmill. It would have been really easy to have that washed out against the sky. Did you use exposure compensation?

  2. There actually is no exposure compensation, although that is something that can certainly be done in this situation.

    Truth is that there is some HDR toning going on here.

    I didn’t use exposure compensation because I actually thought I was going to go an entirely different route with this image. Changed my mind in post.

  3. Do you ever use a Hoodman loop? My eyes are getting crappier as I get older, and sometimes I have issues seeing my photos on the little screen on my camera – so I can’t tell that I need exposure compensation or similar until it’s too late. But, I don’t know that I want to spend $75 on a Hoodman loop (or whatever it’s called), either.

  4. I don’t even know what that is.

    Fortunately my eyes are still pretty good.

    I’m guessing you’ll just have to let experience be your guide, if you don’t want to by this contraption. Or eat more carrots.

  5. Oh a loupe. I should have put that together.

    I do have a few of those, but they are for looking at negatives.

    I don’t have one for my camera.

    Eat more carrots.

  6. I’ll give the carrots a try, but I’m a little dubious about their efficacy at this point. “Stop getting older” is probably similarly effective advice. 🙂

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