3 thoughts on “2007”

  1. Back in the day,

    January (actually the original is of the portrait persuasion), July, and October were quite the crowd pleasers.

    If photography was music, they would be included on my Greatest Hits album, that I would have released when my fame started to wane. Around 2012, methinks.

    July, might be the one that the drunk guy in the crowd yelled at me, when I could only get gigs at small bars.

    “Play July and get the #@%$# off the stage!”

    Obviously that picture had a name at one time, but right now I can’t place it.

    As for October, I had a “redux” image of it I always loved where I printed it. Crumpled it up and ran it through the a travel scanner.

  2. That is clever. Terribly clever. Nicely described.

    That would be pretty sweet for October. I feel like I’ve maybe seen that.

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