Time to take another stroll down memory lane. This was the last time I appeared in a calendar. Probably will be the last time I ever appear in a calendar.













The last day to order a 2016 Photography 139 Calendar is approaching quickly. Very quickly.

14 thoughts on “2009”

  1. Moonflowers are always a fan favorite.

    My actual favorite is May. That was a picture take in a house in Cedar Rapids after it flooded. I went there on a weekend mission trip to help clear out houses to see if they could be rebuilt. We took everything that was left in the house and threw it on their curb. Then we would tear the house down to the studs.

    This was a light switch in one of those houses. That house we worked on for a little bit before we figured out it was a modular home. Modular homes couldn’t be saved. We stopped and moved on to a different house.

  2. I actually really like May a lot. It’s got a lot of feeling to it for “just” being a light switch. It’s hard to believe a modular home had such an interesting fixture.

  3. I should have worded that differently. 🙂 I find it unlikely that most people would switch out the light switch plate cover in a modular home from a “modern” one (which would probably fit with the feel) to an antique-ish one.

  4. That makes more sense, but modular homes have been around for a long time. You might overestimated how new the house was.

    But this doesn’t answer the real question:

    Do you know how to swap out a light switch plate?

  5. I guess I have always thought of modular homes as an invention of, like, the 1980s or so. Of course, I don’t remember anything earlier than the 1980s, so that may be a factor.

    I promise I do – little Phillips screwdriver and two tiny screws. I had to remove some and replace them when painting our monstrosity of an upstairs bathroom when we moved in; the old one got paint on it.

  6. You know, you can take those off before your paint.


  7. Yeah, that’s my game plan for the future. I really didn’t think that one all of the way through, I just taped it and hoped for the best – trying to forget a $1.50 light switch cover.

  8. Here is a bonus tip.

    The same trick works with electric outlet covers.

    I’m really not sure why I don’t have my own shown on HGTV.

  9. Does Jesse count?

    He’s not very handy. Not that I am, but that would be the charm of the show. We would give real dumb advice about plate covers and maybe we could have a show about changing light bulbs.

  10. Jesse definitely counts. He wears hair gel.

    I don’t think you could give dumb advice about changing light bulbs, as that was one of your job functions (at which you were very capable) when I left Ortho.

  11. Yeah. I no longer change light bulbs. That is Downtown’s job these days.

    I wasn’t sad to see it go.

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