2013 Christmas Calendar

This is a look back at the photos from the calendar I gave as Christmas gifts in 2012. You’ll see many of the same images from the flower calendar. I have no doubts.

Front Cover













I’ve never done what one would call market research, but I did make a change to the 2015 calendar and then made a change back in the 2016 calendar. That is this. The 2015 calendar has big numbers for the dates. I found this to be aesthetically pleasing. However, some feedback I got was that this made it more difficult to write on the calendar. Therefore, I changed back to small numbers for the 2016 calendar.

I’ve also been asked why I don’t include birthdays or “different holidays” any longer. The reason for that is because of the diverse audience that the Photography 139 Calendar now reaches, I don’t know how many of those people need to know the date my nephew Brandon’s birthday (December 4). However, I could probably add International Talk Like A Pirate Day back to the calendar.

I’ve already stated that I’m going to go back to diversifying the subject matter of the 2017 calendar. I have this glorious plan of taking each photo for the 2017 calendar during the corresponding month of 2016. This means that my plan of going back to my plan of lining up certain subjects with certain months will probably go to the wayside. Sorry anybody that was getting jacked up for a frog in February of 2017. I’ll try to get a frog somewhere else… like April.

Any way, please leave any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas in the comments section. I might not act on them, but you don’t know until you try.

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  1. I make a calendar for us and for our parents/grandparents every year. I do exactly what you described – I take photos from that month the previous year and use it. It helps to get into the spirit of certain holidays, I guess.

    I think January is my favorite of this set. Where is it?

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