10 thoughts on “Dog Food Stalls”

  1. I would just add that the Memorial Union has my favorite urinals in the world.

    I was going to photograph those, but it was just too dang busy that day. Those might have been your favorite if I could have pulled that off.

    Will have to try again.

  2. Hmmph. Just like your church’s stained glass window that can only be accessed through the men’s room, too many good photos are sexist in their access. There’s never been a women’s room toilet where I’ve said, “Wow, that was a cool toilet, I should photograph (or even remember) that.”

  3. I’m feeling there won’t be mass appeal for the urinals when I take that picture. Which of course, is the way I like it.

    Maybe you could be the lookout for this photo session. Then you could see them in all their glory.

    I also think that the grand majority of women would never be impressed by any toilet. But men, we enjoy our urinals.

  4. I will definitely be the lookout. Urinals sort of fascinate me. Jon wants to get one for the basement, and I’m not even all that opposed. My dad described the “troughs” at Jack Trice to me once when I was about 16, and how you all stood side-by-side. I assumed that men were facing each other across of a hog feeder-like contraption, peeing at each other – Jon disabused me of that idea a few years back.

    I will say – I was in a Dairy Queen bathroom over in Council Bluffs (I think it’s across the street to the south from the mall). In the women’s bathroom (which locked so that you only have one person in there at a time), they had two standalone toilets sitting side-by-side in a bathroom that looked like the room in Saw. I DID take a photo of those, because it struck me to think of people sitting in there, defecating in concert.

  5. One of the oldest Dairy Queens in the country is in Council Bluffs. Maybe that is the one.

    I love crazy bathroom setups like that.

    I do miss the old Jack Trice urinal setup. They are just your stand urinals now. Pretty boring.

  6. I bet that is the same DQ. It is almost like an old house or something, not at all similar to the current ones. The toilet DID fascinate me; I want to know the story behind me.

    Standard urinals seem way less efficient in a setting like that, and definitely less interesting.

    Jon got me a 50mm f/1.8 fixed lens I wanted for Christmas. It is amazing. And here I didn’t believe you on how awesome fixed lenses were.

  7. That is awesome! Fixed length is where it is at.

    It will also provide you with the following experience:

    You will hand the camera to somebody else to take a picture for you. They will ask “how do you zoom”. You will say, “You move your body.” They will scoff, as if they actually know something, which of course, they don’t.

  8. I am going to need to try that. A relative of mine (you can probably guess who) got the exact same camera as me a couple of months after I got mine, and told me to just “spend an hour with her and teach her everything I know.” After I got done laughing, I instructed her toward classes. I think her head would explode at a fixed length.

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