You Can Sit With Us


As many of you may or not know, for the last several years I have helped chaperon my church’s Youth Group’s Mission Trip. We have went to Kansas City, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Martin, South Dakota.

Next June, the Youth Group will be going to Milwaukee and I will be going with them again.

It is one of my favorite weeks of the year because there is no other week of the year where I grow more as a person and as a christian. I often describe it as the best free vacation a person can go on.

The truth is while it is debatable whether or not it is a vacation (depends on what you enjoy… I enjoy hard work, Bible study, and working with kids… sleeping on the floor… maybe not so much) but it isn’t free.

It costs in excess of $500 per child to send these kids out into the world to do God’s work.

Therefore, the Boone First United Methodist Church Youth Group has began the earnest work of raising funds to cover the costs of their trip. Last Sunday they cooked and sold chili. Their next project is to sell shirts with a message of hope and acceptance.

I could describe the message of the shirt, but why come up with my own words when Pastor Sarah has already explained is so well:

It all started in High School Sunday School at Boone First United Methodist Church with a discussion about the need for kindness in this world. Even small acts of kindness can have large effects on the people they touch. So the youth started to brainstorm ideas of how to make a difference around them. Part of the solution: a simple t-shirt that could invite people to know they are friendly, welcoming and inclusive. Help us make a bold statement with this Tshirt that bullying is “out” and kindness is “in.” Although the funds support the youth mission trip, we found this message to be important beyond age and church walls. Join us in creating a movement to show ways we can be nice to others in every aspect of our lives, including the clothes we choose.

Here is a look at the shirt.



You are probably thinking, “Wow! What an amazing shirt! How much does one cost!”

A Unisex shirt is $19.99
A Ladies shirt is $21.99
A Long Sleeve shirt is $24.99
A Hooded Sweatshirt is $39.99

There are two ways to order. The easiest is just to follow the link below and order the shirt yourself:


Another way would be to give me your order and I’ll get it placed. The advantage to that is that it will save you $5 shipping. The deadline to order is December 20th.

Thanks for your consideration!

Might as well share a few of my favorite mission trip photos from over the years:

That should just about cover it.

4 thoughts on “You Can Sit With Us”

  1. That’s a really worthwhile cause. We’re saving until after Christmas; is there a way I can donate funds to them after then?

  2. There is always a way.

    I’m sure there will be another fundraiser coming up that I’m not privy to.

    Or you can always send a check to the church with a note.

    Or you can give me the check and I can get it to Alisa (our Youth Leader).

  3. That sounds great. I remember how difficult it was raising funds for our missions trip to Denver.

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