A picture of something broken down and old. From my Aunt Linda’s farm.

As you all know E’s here to rule… No wait that isn’t right.

As you all know, I love rusted out old stuff. I will need to photograph this farm more thoroughly at some point.


FOCAL LENGTH: 60mm (35mm equivalency – 90mm)
ISO: 500
DATE: 11/20/15 – 14:44

7 thoughts on “Kobe”

  1. The title is terribly clever. Well done.

    That’s amazing that you got such vivid colors up so close.

  2. That title is 100% for my friend Russell who is a Kobe apologist.

    I just hope this hydraulic press didn’t slip into some Colorado hotel, rape somebody, and then pay them off to keep them quiet.

    Then change his number to #24 because #8, he’s the rapist. #24 is just a hard worker.

    This hydraulic press probably has a better career shooting percentage than Kobe as well.

    There has been a little bit of HDR work done to this photo to get the colors to look the way that they do.

  3. I hope the press’s wife also has more self-confidence and assertiveness than to be bought off with a giant ring and a wealthy lifestyle.

  4. I like to think that presses have more self-respect than humans.

    The love of money isn’t their great failing.

    I think they just really like to press stuff. That is when they are truly happy.

    But maybe it is racist of me to think that the press is married to another press.

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