Self-Portrait Project de 2016

I’m starting a self-portrait project where I take a self-portrait every day for 2016 with New Toy*. At the end of 2016 I will compile these into a video and you can witness how time ravages this beautiful visage.

These photos are not meant to be particularly ambitious. Just me, in my ordinary backgrounds of my life.

It is possible that if you attend a party, wedding, mission trip, or sporting event with me, you could get drug into this project as well.

I should note that due to my history with point & shoot cameras, I will be surprised if I finish this project and don’t break New Toy before 2016.

Here are the first few images:

I won’t be posting these pictures on a regular basis, but if you feel so inclined, you can follow along as I post them to their gallery. Click link below:

2016 Self-Portrait Project

*Not really new at this point.

6 thoughts on “Self-Portrait Project de 2016”

  1. What the heck is up with the motorhead mutton chops? Thank goodness it was only for one day!

  2. It reminds me of an old story I once heard.

    A young group of aspiring musicians had taken a radio station hostage. Not too dissimilar to the gentleman in Oregon have done with that federal building.

    They demanded to see a record executive and the cops tried to send in an undercover to pose as record executive.

    However, the young musicians could smell the pork from a mile away. So they asked him a test question.

    “Who would win in a fight between God and Lemmy?”

    The cop thought the answer was obvious, so he replied: “Lemmy.”

    “WRONG!” they shouted him down.

    The cop didn’t realize he was dealing with religious folk so he tried to change his answer quickly, “I meant God he stammered out.”

    “WRONG!” they shouted him down again. They began shoving the cop back out the door.

    He struggled to stay in and asked, “What is the right answer?”

    The guitarist in the group looked him in the eye and said, “It’s a trick question. Lemmy is God!”

    But I do value your facial hair opinions and welcome you to grow a man’s beard in 2016. I think that should be your New Year’s resolution.

  3. They were not. I don’t even like Motorhead.

    I’m not an angry, young man any longer so I don’t get much enjoyment out of angry music any longer.

    I mean I can get angry, when I think about things like Citizens United. I’m sure I could crank some Motorhead and get into it under those circumstances.

    But under most circumstances, no.

    Considering I spent a good portion of my weekend watching MAN IN THE HIGH TOWER, I could have taken that facial hair trim down in a decidedly different direction. Although I would never in a million years take a picture of that. I’m not inbred royalty after all.

  4. To be fair, Motorhead is sorta awful. But I’m not really the rage music type – unless it’s Rage Against the Machine. I will listen to that if I’m of a mood.

    Inbred royalty is grossly underrated. They’ve gotten lots of things accomplished, if inadvertently.

  5. Rage definitely had their moment.

    I have a couple of their songs on the master playlist I’ve been working on .

    I will also still listen to Tool because their music is so complex and their musicianship is so incredible. But I don’t even consider them angry music.

    I do enjoy the Foo Fighters video for “White Limo” that features Lemmy though.

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