Docking Station Alpha

As I’ve posted about before, I spent my weekend (a few weekends back) with my church’s youth group on their annual retreat to the Y Camp.

Here are some pictures I took with a cruddy camera phone of the weekend.

Jentry being oh so scary.

Docking Time!

Shawn, enjoying the fire.

Morning on the river.

The river is beautiful in the morning.

Jentry and Shawn kicking back.

Caitlin enjoying the fire.

Docking Time on the deck.

Sarah rocking the karaoke machine!

Service work.

More service work.

Make note of some of the art that I’m showing. Especially if there is a piece you would like to own.



More competition!

I built this fire!

Note this art!

Sad Jentry

Hmmm… Cool mugs. Kinda like to own one of them…

Last worship of the weekend.

Last Group Photo

Jentry biffed it. More than once.

MacKenzie, Megyn, and Sarah

Wood Chips!

The long walk home.

You can rest assured that more about this trip and definitely more about this group of kids will be coming your way.