Christopher D. Bennett Quiz Results!

I have tabulated the results for the Christopher D. Bennett Quiz and we have a winner!

The WINNER with a score of 61 out of 120 points was Teresa Kahler. Some day soon a semi-fabulous prize will arrive in her mailbox.

I’ve been told the quiz was too tough. I didn’t thinks so. I could’ve got every question right. But I’ve heard your complaints. Next year’s quiz will be easier. Perhaps shorter. We’ll see. We all know that sometimes I like to bloviate.

But what were the answers?

For the next 20 entries, I will reveal the answer to 1 question and its bonus question.


At what annual Boone event were my parents at when my Mom started the birthing process of me?

ANSWER: The Hillbilly Auction


What did my Dad initially want to name me?

ANSWER: Richard Milhous