Get In and Fight for Fame Boone Toreadors!

I got to see good family friend Lisa Person at Alexis’ Graduation Party on Sunday. A couple days later she dropped off some old senior picture proofs at my Mom’s house. Thought I’d scan and share.

I know it is the trendy thing to look at your old high school pictures and be ashamed, but I gotta say. I’m awesome now. I was pretty awesome back then as well.

4 thoughts on “Get In and Fight for Fame Boone Toreadors!”

  1. I’ve never worn sunglasses much because I don’t want my eyes to get soft, but I definitely don’t remember ever owning those sunglasses.

  2. Well, sure, who wants their eyes to become wussies?

    Those are some pretty fly sunglasses, though. Maybe not exactly in theme with the hat, but very 1993.

  3. These also might be the only pictures of me wearing a sweater to exist. I loathe sweaters.

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