Baby Got Boone County Fair

This isn’t exactly new news, because it has been leaked to the social media realm, but here it is:

Team Baby Got Rack cleaned up at the Boone County Fair Barbecue Contest. Baby Got Rack won all the categories except for two. Claiming the title for Turkey, Beef, Combination, and Overall.

This victory has secured Baby Got Rack a berth at the Iowa State Fair’s Barbecue Contest. We will be loading up Scott’s truck and heading down to do battle with the Cyclone State’s best barbecue teams on August 16th. It is a Tuesday, but if you are at the Fair, I invite you to come look us up.

After we were given our victor’s crown, we put our fedoras back on and posed for a picture.

Photo Credit: Mel D.

There will be a plethora of pictures from the competition published at some point. That point is when I get a chance to edit them. A smart person would be able to figure out how to look at the unedited pictures through this blog… but I digress.

One other thing. Let me put a bug in your ear. Baby Got Rack will be defending our People’s Choice Award at the Pufferbilly Days Barbecue Contest in about 6 weeks. I invite you to come down for that and help us defend our title against 23 other barbecue teams. More information on that as it becomes available.