National Naima Day

Today (Friday, August 26, 2016) apparently is National Dog Day. At least it is on Twitter. So I thought I would share a few photos of Naima and her recent trip to the Boone Pool.

At the end the swimming pool season, Boone has a take your day to the pool event that is a fundraiser for Boone’s dog park. I always take Naima because she enjoys some aspects of it. She loves being in water where she can touch the bottom. Water where she has to swim. Not a fan at all.

This year I did throw her into the 4 foot section of the pool. Which she did not enjoy and then she was a little leery of even getting too near the pool at all.

After about 45 minutes, Naima decided she was done. So she got out of the wading pool and then walked out the front door of the pool. So we went to the car and hit the open road. Where she enjoyed sticking her head out the window on the ride home. I sure she is already looking forward to leaving from next year’s event.

Naima is going to church on Sunday, so I’m sure there will be more Naima pictures in your future!

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