Proof of Concept

I’ve been playing with the idea of finally coming out with Series #2 of the Photography 139 Postcard Line lately. Even though, I still have plenty of Series #1 in stock. Although the daisy postcard is nearly sold out.

Another bugaboo is that the retail outlet where I was selling Series #1 recently folded up shop, so all the postcards currently are just sitting in my living room, collecting dust and the occasional dog hair. Or maybe it is collecting dog hair and the occasional piece of dust.

Either way, I’ve decided to forge ahead with Series #2. These will be based on those vintage postcards that always said “Greetings from…” on them. You know what I’m talking about.

I’m not ready to reveal Series #2 yet, because they aren’t designed (or necessarily) even shot yet. However, I’ve been working on some designs to see if this was even viable.

Here is a look at some very raw designs (ignore what pictures are being used) to prove that the concept was viable:

This new project will probably take quite some time, but it might also lead to a new image to display at Salon 908.

4 thoughts on “Proof of Concept”

  1. These are very cool. Even though you’ve obviously got a lot going on with multiple images, it isn’t confusing or distracting.

  2. The “YOU’LL STAY” gets kind of noisy.

    So the final might make that just a flat color.

    I want to make one of those since that used to be (might still be) Boone’s slogan.

    The Greetings From card, the word in that lower right hand corner will be Iowa.

  3. For 50 cents, you could even own one!

    Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see.

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