Can You Smell What the People’s Champ is Cookin’?

I’m sure I mixed up that pro wrestling reference. I don’t watch pro wrestling. I went to college.

That being said, here are some pictures from Baby Got Rack’s day at the Pufferbilly Day Barbecue Contest:

Marcus whipping up a batch of Marfins. Not to be confused with Scuffins. Which is an entirely different thing.

That’s not Tone’s. That is our proprietary rub.

Vote 5! Stay alive! It sounds like a threat but, well maybe it was a threat.

Not all of our trophies are on display. That Coke can might have been self-awarded.

I made 6 gallons of Thick Soul Sweet Tea. Secret ingredient… more sugar.

Marcus’ sidewalk chalk rendition of Sir Pigs-a-Lot.

Pork loins going on Fat Boy. (The bigger smoker isn’t really named Fat Boy.)

Chicken coming off Little Man. (The smaller smoker isn’t really named Little Man.)

Scottie D. and I (mostly Scottie D.) brokered a deal for a silver pig from Paradox. We partnered with them (Baby Got Rack is all about synergy) at first to borrow the pig for the day. But then we sweetened the deal with a gallon of Thick Soul Sweet Tea and a ton of barbecue and that pig came come with me. Part of the partnering process included our bull getting a picture taken with their bull. If you have never checked out Paradox, I would highly recommend it. It is a pretty sweet store with some pretty sweet stuff.

We handed out pork loin sliders. Marcus cut the meat. I cut the buns. Scottie D. worked the crowd.

Scottie D. working the crowd.

The line for Baby Got Rack! Is that famous Flat Earth Theorist Joe Lynch in the crowd. You better believe it!

Bull working the crowd. My Mom pouring people stiff cups of Thick Soul Sweet Tea.

Did we win the kid’s vote? You bet your bottom donut! I’m being told that most people don’t use donuts for currency. I’m confused.

Baby Got Rack currently has two kinds of barbecue sauce. S + M and for the more daring sorts Anaconda Picosa. Story about that later.

Look at that line! People’s Champs!

Mmmmmmmm… Do you want to know what is in our injection? Love and goodness and other stuff.

Maybe we’ll do pork loin for my birthday next year. Maybe I won’t do a birthday party next year. One never knows.

Fat Boy cooling off.

This guy stopped by in the morning when we didn’t have any food to give out. We recruited him to come back and HE DID! Feeling the Baby Got Rack love!

Always time for a selfie with Bull!

Look at all these votes!

Note the silver pig.

People’s Choice!

First, thanks to Carla for taking many of these pictures.

Second, 2 quick stories.

Story 1

I told you we had two sauces: S + M and Anaconda Picosa. Anaconda Picosa is our spicier sauce. Scottie D.’s job while working the crowd was to explain the difference between the two sauces to the people. One guy approached the table and Scottie D. said, “Are you trying the Sweet + Mild?”

The guy stared Scottie D. down. There was 5 seconds of silence. Then he said, “Do I look Sweet + Mild?” He paused and then continued, “I’m an anaconda!”

He might’ve flexed after that, I’m not sure because I was laughing so hard.

Story 2

This one is creepier.

One of the other barbecue combatants arrived at Baby Got Rack’s tent early in the morning. To deliver this message:

“I’m going to win the People’s Choice Award this year. My niece… well she’s smokin’ hot. When it is time to give out samples, I’m going to have her come up here and hand out the samples dressed all sexy.”

There was some manly banter that I definitely don’t want to bore any females in the audience with.

A few hours later, he came back. This time, he had his niece with him. Holding a pan of samples for us to try.

“See what I’m saying?” He blurted out.

All I’m going to say is he better get a sexier niece for next year, cause you know who went home with that People’s Choice Award!

Finally, if you want to see all the Baby Got Rack images from 2016 (there might even be a picture of that niece in there) click on the link below:


That concludes the competitive barbecue season for 2016, but I’m sure Baby Got Rack will be back with a vengeance in 2017! Winning all the hearts and minds and trophies!

14 thoughts on “Can You Smell What the People’s Champ is Cookin’?”

  1. I love so many parts of this post. But “better get a sexier niece” may be my favorite. I laughed in a quantity that is probably inappropriate for work. (Dude, who sexualizes their niece? Or finds them sexy?)

    That pig is pretty sweet. Is it named “Rump-o-smooth-skin”? Because it should be.

  2. He foolishly thought that his niece would overcome a man in a bull costume wearing a Hawiian shirt and a fedora.

    Here is the picture of his niece, in case you want to make your own estimations:

    I was uncomfortable with it. If he brought his wife up in that context, but a blood relative. I mean, I don’t think they had the Lannister crest on the side of their smoker, but maybe they did.

    When he brought her over with the samples, I didn’t realize this was the hot niece. I was just like, “Thanks for the samples.”

    Then it dawned on me. We were supposed to be drooling over this girl. Whoops!

    After he lost, he said next year he’ll have her bring some of her friends. To which I say, bring it on. Jesse also has a gorilla costume!

    His slight inclination towards incest aside, he was a pretty good guy and his barbecue was also really good. He was rocking a $4,000 smoker. The guy was about business.

    At this time, the pig doesn’t have a name. But your suggestion would be the clubhouse leader.

  3. If you have 11 minutes of your life that you won’t get back, you can watch the first 11 minutes of the People’s Choice portion of the barbecue contest:

    Then the camera overheated and shutoff. Or maybe the battery died because I had spent too much time tinkering with it so much. All issues that won’t happen next time we compete.

    Also, I have to confess to being pretty pleased with the niece line as well. Glad somebody else enjoyed it!

  4. She seems like she is a nice enough girl, and plenty “smoking hot,” but I don’t know if she’s “topple a dynasty” attractive. (Although, to be fair, I don’t really find Cersei to be “topple a dynasty” attractive, either – at least not with the blonde hair she has on the show.) I’m glad he had other non-predatory parts of his personality; I still might keep your nieces away from him.

    I’m enjoying the video! Scottie D. was made to be a hype man.

    I love that Jesse kept the bull costume. Didn’t he get that for the Scottsdale, AZ UGM about eight or nine years ago? I seem to remember him wearing it while riding a fake bull-with-pullies contraption.

  5. Also – is the little blonde boy around 7:15, 7:20 wearing a Bill Murray shirt? Because I love that kid. Charlie had that as a onesie when he was a baby.

  6. The good thing about my nieces is they are military. They can take care of themselves.

    I want to say that this bull costume is newer than that. I think it was only about 5 years ago that he started buying his costumes instead of renting them because it ended up being the same price. But maybe it is longer ago than that. Time goes by fast.

    I want to say that the bull costume at that UGM was different looking, but on the other hand, I don’t know that Jesse would repeat costumes. I’ll have to fact check that with some liberal media biased fact checking organization at some point. Maybe the Howard Institute for Costumes.

    He also has a sweet ape costume, which lead to this picture:

    Cersei isn’t the hottest GAME OF THRONES chick, but I’d have to say she is top 5. I’m kind of partial to Ygritte.

    I can’t tell for sure what is on that kids shirt. When I’m home again, with free time, I’ll watch the full resolution video and see if I can figure it out.

  7. Angie, unfortunately I did not keep the bull costume of 2009, AZ but I decided to buy a very similar one a couple of years back so I had one in my arsenal of costumes. My favorite costume by far is definitely the Ape costume but my penguin costume also has a great flavor. This year, as we are not allowed to wear “costumes” to the Users Group Meeting, I will be going with something that with a small addition, will be an amazing costume which may be used in film or photo in the future.

    I can say that with all of these photos and videos, it blasts me back to those first two experiences with Baby Got Rack and it makes me want more. These gentlemen not only know what they are doing, but own the guidebook to doing it. I want their meat NOW…

  8. That makes sense – I suddenly realized I had a photo of you, Jesse, on said “mechanical” bull as a bull, and the costumes DO look different:

    Hopefully that link works!

    Jon has a gorilla costume from one of the Vegas UGMs, but I have NO idea where that is. I love that Jesse probably has to have an entire walk-in closet for his variety.

    I also love the phrasing of “I want their meat NOW.”

  9. I added Jesse as a user, so when he leaves future comments, that picture will show up as his avatar.

    I haven’t told him this yet, but I need him to put on the ape costume again in the near future, if possible for a photo I need to submit by early November.

    It will involve him in the ape costume holding a sign (with a picture of the planet earth) that says something like:

    “Humans. Enjoy the planet. It’s yours. For now!”

    Still tinkering with the wording.

    But if Jon still has an ape costume and it still fits, we need to get them together for a photo shoot.

    I haven’t seen the penguin costume. We need to do something with this as well.

    I know the theme is Black & White this year, but I didn’t know there were no costumes allowed. It seems the penguin costume would go perfectly with this theme.

  10. I love so much that this picture will be Jesse-specific. It’s beautiful, and so very Jesse.

    I will absolutely see if Jon has his ape costume still! I think it might be in storage… which gets some rain. So it might be very matted. But maybe that makes it authentic.

    BOO to no costumes. Jesse’s attire was always a matter of excitement.

  11. Apparently the “no costume” rule at the UGM is a Disney rule. Because the UGM is at a Disney resort, they get to make the rules.

    Let me know if you find it. Also, why you have a storage area that gets wet.

  12. Yeah, it seems like the fact that we PAY for the storage unit that gets wet once every few years is a poor decision. There weren’t a lot of choices in Nevada for storage units when we lived there.

  13. Probably the true life fail here is that you have a gorilla costume and it is in storage.

    But on the other hand…

    You have a storage unit in a different town than the one you live in?

    If you guys end up on an episode of HOARDERS, let me know. I want to show up as CONCERNED NEIGHBOR #2. The one that acts really indignant.

  14. Yeah, we got it while we were still in Nevada, and have been too lazy to move everything to Ames when we moved. Had Jon gotten the gorilla costume while we were already in Ames, that would NEVER have gone to storage – but space was at a premium in the townhouse, and somehow (?!?) the gorilla costume was deemed “non-essential.”

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