Old Salvation Army Building Wall Phase #1

Last Wednesday before Youth Group, a hearty clan of painters painted the south wall of the old Salvation Army Building. This phase is just to make it less of an eyesore. Phase 2 will involve painting murals where the boarded up windows are. Well, it is one of the phases.

This group consisted of a lot of Sharps, Pastor Doug, Pete Nelson, and I helped do some of the finishing up work at the end. Here are a couple of photos:

The last 2 pictures are from setting up for the Youth Group. I wish I would’ve gotten some pictures of that, but I didn’t. I was in charge of the lesson for the Sr. High Students. The idea of the lesson was to talk about what they liked and didn’t like about previous Mission Trips. This was going to be bookended by the old preacher’s story “The Lonely Ember”. We got the first part of “The Lonely Ember” done and lots of Mission Trip talk done, but we never got quite to the closure part as we ran out of time.

Oh well. At least everybody got to eat s’mores!

2 thoughts on “Old Salvation Army Building Wall Phase #1”

  1. Did that guy wear an Iowa shirt because he’s an Iowa fan? Or is it because he’s an Iowa State fan and didn’t care if he ruined that shirt?

  2. That is Andy. He is the other male chaperon that has been on the last two mission trips.

    He is… unfortunately… a Hawkeye fan.

    But he is a good egg despite this fact.

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