2017 Photography 139 Calendar Cover

I spent the last few days designing the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar.

The design of this calendar is different than the last several years in a few different ways.

1. This isn’t a flower photography only calendar. There are flower pictures, but they are the minority.
2. Gone is all the old ways I lined pictures up with certain months in the past.
3. Each picture is lined up with a month that the picture was taken in. For example, the January 2017 image was taken in January of 2016. December’s picture was taken in December of 2015.
4. The number format is the same as 2016, but I’ve added back some of the “holidays” from calendars past.
5. A price for this year’s calendar has yet to be determined. I haven’t quite figured out how much it cost me to make, but it will probably be in that $10 range again this year.
6. I didn’t include a “title” or location of the pictures, despite people requesting that. I didn’t find away to do it that I liked. Maybe in 2018.

So without further adieu, I present the cover of the 2017 Photography 139 Calendar:

2017 Calendar - Cover

This picture came from a THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE reject for the theme MACRO. I chose this picture because I decided not to include any portraits or animals on the inside of the calendar, I wanted the cover to include a self-portrait. This is my favorite self-portrait from 2016.

I will have ordering information in a future post. I’m sure.

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  1. Naima has her moments as a model. They are few and far between, but she has them.

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