3 thoughts on “I Wrote Her Off for the Tenth Time Today”

  1. It is amazing they still have one and Luther is down to a mailbox shed. Luther is a bigger town, with more people, and way less buildings that are just falling down.

    My failure is that I didn’t go into photograph it while it was open. For some reason I had this crazy idea that it wouldn’t be locked after the postal employee left.

    At some point I’ll be posting some other pictures from Beaver. It is a horrorshow. I don’t mean that in the CLOCKWORK ORANGE sense of the word.

    There are few places I won’t go. I’ve been in some terrible neighborhoods in major cities. I don’t want to say Beaver scares me. But I always feel uneasy when I’m there. My subconscious is convinced that a family of cannibals occupies that town like in WRONG TURN or THE HILLS HAVE EYES.

    I have no evidence of this, just a general uneasiness and the way the town looks.

  2. That day when we knocked on all of the doors for Grandpa when he was campaigning – I honestly felt the same unease. Not a lot of people answered their doors, but I had this sense that they were all inside and watching us. I felt creepy.

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