6 thoughts on “Selfie Project Check In”

  1. Michelle’s first B-Bop’s experience. Which makes me cry on the inside. Also on the outside.

  2. Not even the “Let your light shine” poster that appears to be flipping the camera off?

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Michelle had already been at Ortho at least a year or two when I left – which is closing in on five years ago. She worked within a stone’s throw of the king of burger joints for over HALF A DECADE, smelling its charbroiled yumminess daily, and never ate it until now?

  4. It is sad. When I learned I wanted to hold off until she got back from maternity leave so she could have the full experience. Using the walk up and sitting outside on a nice spring day.

    But suddenly she was having them prego craves. It was on.

  5. Yeah, those are a real thing. I usually don’t eat a lot of red meat, but have HARDCORE beef cravings when pregnant. I bet it was similar for her!

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