4 thoughts on “07-12-07”

  1. The sports shots are super-fun!

    Out of the pop art, I think I like the Meadow Gold one the best. Did you use a light box?

  2. I was experimenting with a 500mm mirror lens for the softball pictures. A lens that I bet has an inch of dust on it now. I wish a few of the pictures of Jesse watching with his mom had turned out.

    For the pop art, I just don’t remember. It was almost 10 years ago. I think there is a chance I used a light table as a light box. Certainly a possibility.

  3. Was the 500mm incredibly heavy, I’d guess? I’d be a little reticent to use it, too, if it’s like carrying a small child around. I wish that Jesse’s photos had, too – you’re a good friend.

  4. A mirror lens is actually incredibly light. However, the image quality is not the best.

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