I’ve Done My Sentence…. But Committed No Crimes

It finally happened. After playing in the Ames Basketball Rec League for I think 6 years now, my team won the championship.

Raise the championship banner guys!

2017 - Monstars

Congrats to Charge, Josh, Humble Narrator, Ian, Frank, Cole, Scott, Adam, and Matt. (Not pictured is the injured Jacob)

We did it! Well, mostly you guys did it. But I’ll wear my championship shirt very proudly.

It wasn’t an easy road. The Monstars blew out some team that I don’t remember in the quarterfinals. Then we had a furious 4th quarter comeback to be Danfoss in the semifinals. Then we beat Bloated in the finals when they fouled Charge with 3.5 seconds left in a tied game. Charge calmly knocked down both free throws. Then Matt stole the inbounds pass and then it was time to cue Freddie Mercury.

I can’t wait for next season.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Done My Sentence…. But Committed No Crimes”

  1. Kudos! You wouldn’t figure a championship team would allow themselves to be slowed down with so many beards… but here we are!

  2. I understand the Playoff Beard as a silly superstition… I just think it’s scientifically unsound, because aerodynamics. A group of such lean, mean, balling machines surely are worried about wind drag.

  3. The boost in testosterone one gets with a beard (and it is sizable) more than compensates for any loss in aerodynamics. Which is next to nonexistent.

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