You CAN Call it a Comeback

I can officially announce now that I have unretired from “competing” in photography contests.

For the first time in a couple years I entered photos in the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon. I will have one photo displayed at the Iowa State Fair. Don’t ask me which one, because I don’t know and I’m not even sure I remember what I entered at this point. Seems like a long time ago.

However, I was inspired by Baby Got Rack competing in the barbecue contest at the Boone County Fair, I decided to enter some photos in the Open Class at that same fair. Here is what I entered:

Boone County Fair - 2017
Ionized Gas

Boone County Fair - 2017
Peas Creek

Boone County Fair - 2017

Boone County Fair - 2017
Ledges Reflection

Boone County Fair - 2017
Cole School

Each image got a Blue Ribbon. It had been approximately 15 years since the last time I entered the Boone County Fair. Seemed like it was about time and I owe a debt of gratitude to Mike Vest for getting the pictures mounted so I had something to enter.

However, that isn’t all. Here is where it gets exciting! I’ve decided to keep all this participation momentum going and enter the Pufferbilly Days Contest for the first time in maybe at least 7 or 8 years.

I’m also going to bring back the way I used to pick my Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Photos. That means I’m not going to pick at all. I’m going to let 6 lucky Photography 139 fans pick the images.

At some point later this week, I’m going to publish the following photo on Instagram:

Picture of the 1385 taken by my Dad

When that photo gets posted, the first 6 people that leave a comment on that photo stating that they want to be a Pufferbilly Days Photo Contest Selector, will get there wish and be just that. They will have access to about 50 images and the picture they pick, I will enter.

If I can’t find 6 people that want to be selectors, well we will fall through that bridge when we get to it.

15 thoughts on “You CAN Call it a Comeback”

  1. These are all just lovely! Will you have a separate post listing the photos you had submitted for the State Fair?

    Man, goat eyes are freaking creepy.

    How did Baby Got Rack do?

  2. Probably will have another post when I find out what got accepted after the State Fair.

    Goat eyes are creepy, yet goats are extremely friendly. It is a dichotomy.

    Baby Got Rack:

    Tied for Best Overall for our Lamb.

    Won – Lamb
    Won – Pork
    Won – Turkey
    2nd – Beef
    3rd – Chicken (I think)
    Didn’t place Combination (I think)

    There was not a category for presentation this year, which was disappointing because we spent a lot of time and energy into that because that category gave out the largest prize last year.

  3. Wow, that is darn near a sweep! That’s incredible – congrats!

    It’s silly there is no presentation category. That’s a huge part of the experience.

  4. Yeah. But some don’t have email. Some don’t have Facebook. Some don’t have Twitter. Some don’t have Snapchat. Some don’t have Tumblr.

    I’ll probably do it a different way next year (depending on how this goes – it very well could be a huge disaster) or I could do it this way again.

    It is very possible the 6 slots won’t fill up. If that is the case, there might be another method chosen to fill the remaining slots.

    We’ll see!

  5. We would have won that easily. We had hay bales. Pig statues. Picnic baskets and a bunch of other stuff. Including a guy in a bull costume

  6. I posted it about 7 PM last night. Right after I got out of the movies.

    I’d say that people on Twitter may have had an advantage, because I put hints on the timing on Twitter, but well actually 3 of the people that commented are on Twitter.

    The surprise is who the first comment came from… Jim Robbins.

  7. Mr. Corn Nut himself.

    I’ll be a little surprised if he comes through though. The only way I have of contacting him is through direct message on Instagram. It is possible we are also friends on Facebook, but I’m not breaking my policy of only going on Facebook on Mondays to change my profile picture to stop Facebook from sending me a thousand stupid notifications to contact him.

    I think I saw him post something on Instagram a while back about moving into a new house. It looked pretty swank. If memory serves me correctly.

    But other than that, I have no clue. Jesse keeps in some contact with Ortho alumni. He might know.

  8. I am fairly confident that he and I were friends on Facebook at one time, but that I defriended during a pruning. The notifications are brutal – it gives me anxiety to have notifications outstanding on my phone or social media or email, and so Facebook makes me twitchy.

    Hunh, good for him. I dont’ remember what he left Ortho to do now. We should consult Jesse! We really only see you two and Tony.

  9. If you think notifications are bad when you haven’t been on Facebook for awhile. Try completely logging out of Facebook on all your devices. Including uninstalling it from your phone.

    After about 3-4 days. Facebook gets real twitchy. By the end of my yearly Facebook vacation I’m getting double digit emails from Facebook every day with Notifications and emails about “What you’re missing.”

    Lucky for me, I don’t suffer from FOMO. Especially not Facebook FOMO.

    I really wish I could delete my Facebook account, because I hate it so much, but I read that it takes over 8 hours to delete an account and then it sometimes doesn’t work.

    I tried to delete a Facebook page once. Took over an hour and it is still there. Still sending me notifications.

    The other thing stopping me from deleting Facebook is that it is a form of church communication, but I could survive without that.

  10. I am terrible about keeping up with some people – like, in particular, both of our families. Other than snark, I’d say the bulk majority of what I post is just photos of the kids so that Jon’s mom or my half-sister will see them. Facebook serves that need, which is why I’ve never deleted it.

    But then, since I haven’t deleted it and it’s THERE, I feel guilty if I don’t respond to comments about the kids, or then that rolls into feeling bad if I don’t like or respond to others’ photos. I have this innate need to be polite, and so it all spirals into a big obligation.

    I do get those Facebook emails occasionally if I don’t like/comment/post for a while. I wonder if there’s a way to turn those off – I’ve just been too lazy to look.

  11. My list of reasons for hating Facebook is pretty long, but nobody wants to hear that kind of ranting. I think the short version is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Facebook enhance a friendship, but I’ve seen it damage quite a few. At least a score.

    Those emails pretty much always backfire on Facebook. It is like here is a list of things that you missed by not being on Facebook:

    1. Somebody posted every single picture they took on their vacation.
    2. Your racist relative blamed Trump’s failures on Obama by posting a “news” story from a conservative blog.
    3. Your racist classmate…

    Life feels so much better than Facebook.

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