Introducing… The Town Sign Project!

Because I don’t have enough photo projects going on I have recently decided to start a new photo project. It is a project that I have started in the past and then quit. n

Maybe I’m like Hollywood and I’m out of ideas, so I just reboot old ideas? Maybe I just never gave this idea its proper attention. Who knows? We’ll see if I make good on it.

This idea is mostly influenced by an old Welcome to Boone sign that I remember from youth. It had a man catching a fish on it. It could also be 100% a false memory. But my dream is to some day make a self-published coffee table book that nobody will buy. Dream big, I say.

Jay, Willy, and Joe were photo assistants at various parts of these photos. Well maybe not Jay. Pretty sure he was asleep in the bacxkseat.

Here are the first few signs I have photographed:

Pilot Mound, Iowa

Dayton, Iowa

Harcourt, Iowa

Boxholm, Iowa

Keystone, Iowa

Newhall, Iowa

Atkins, Iowa

Scotch Grove, Iowa

Stanhope, Iowa

As with many photo projects, it isn’t until I get back and start editing and curating images that I realize what style I think fits my vision for this project. Now that I’ve seen what I think works, I may have to go back and photograph some of these signs again.

I will also add that if you come across an interesting sign, text me a picture. I need my scouts everywhere.

What is interesting to me? I’m sure you’ve picked up on what I like by now. I like decrepit and falling apart. Or I like funny. Or I like original. Classy doesn’t really work for me. I’ve never been on too good of terms with classy.

For example, the nice stone signs on US30 as you enter Boone do nothing for me. The ugly sign on the corner of US30 and South Story Street is better. Although still pretty lame.

You have your assignment. Start lighting up my phone!

3 thoughts on “Introducing… The Town Sign Project!”

  1. I’m all over this!

    I have a special affinity for the Pilot Mound sign, having lived there for a couple of years (and my grandparents and dad being from there). It was always a source of great amusement.

  2. The Pilot Mound sign is my second favorite sign I’ve ever come across.

    Mallard, Iowa has my favorite. It has a mallard on top of it and then the sign says “We’re friendly ducks.”

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