Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween - 2017
Happy Halloween!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween! To cap it off, I want to give you my personal candy bar power rankings.

Best Candy Bars in the World

1. Whatchamacallit
2. Peanut M&M’s
3. Twix Caramel
4. Snickers
5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Worst Candy Bars in the World

1. Three Musketeers
2. Milky Way
3. Almond Joy
4. Mounds
5. Nestle Crunch

Hope these lists help you out.

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. The “worst candy bars” list is pretty solid from top to bottom, although I had a very brief love affair with Nestle Crunch around age 7. I would throw in Milky Way as a potential alternate – not as flavorless as Three Musketeers, but the second blandest option in the candy bar mix bags.

    Best candy bars… Hmm. The “correct” list looks more like this:

    1. Twix Caramel
    2. Snickers
    3. Kit Kat
    4. Peanut M&Ms (or peanut butter ones can be an acceptable alternative, but aren’t as good)
    5. Butterfinger

  2. Any candy bar power rankings that doesn’t include Whatchamacallit is fake news. Or what Mango Mussolini’s hero would call “lugenpresse”.

    Kit Kat is a serviceable candy bar. I do buy it to hand out.

    I am often torn on Butterfinger. There are days I can be into it and there are days when the texture grosses me out.

    I actually used to enjoy Nestle Crunch as well, but its appeal has waned over the years. I think it has something to do with the snack size version. There is something not right about it. I would put Krackel over Nestle Crunch.

    In college I had a brief love affair with the Mars Bar. I also consider the Take 5 to be the most underrated candy bar in the business. Although I give the thumbs down to their new packaging.

    M&Ms briefly had these pretzel M&Ms that were divine, but I think it was temporary.

  3. I am not well enough informed on Whatchamacallit to render an opinion, as I’ve only had one a couple of times, and a long time ago. So their omission is purely based off of a lack of information.

    I have to be in the mood for Butterfinger. The texture is definitely divisive, and then there’s the issue of it getting stuck in your teeth. It’s delicious tooth sticking, but still odd.

    Jon got a bag of Take 5s a couple of weeks ago, and I had forgotten how good they are. They’re sort of more like a bar, though?

    I remember those, and miss them. I’m not mad at the caramel ones.

  4. The fact that Whatchamacallit isn’t one of your major food groups… I hate to be the one to break it to you… you’re doing life wrong.

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