7:01 AM

It is 7:01 AM. Some of us are already at work. The rest of you (at least those of you that live in Ward 5 of Boone, Iowa) are already standing in line at the Boone County Courthouse to cast your vote for Scott Degeneffe.

Some of you aren’t there though. Why not?

If I lived in Ward 5, I would have camped out overnight. Then tailgated in the morning. Then the moment the Boone County Courthouse doors were open, I would’ve have barged in and cast my vote for Scott Degeneffe.

Then I probably would’ve taken the rest of the day off to celebrate that I had done the best thing I could do on that day to improve the future outlook of Boone.

There was a time I was going to write a lengthy letter to the editor to the Boone News Republican about Scott’s many good points and why the good people of Ward 5 should run, not walk to the Boone County Courthouse on November 7 to cast their vote for Scott.

Unfortunately for me and maybe fortunately for Scott, time has not been my friend lately and I missed the deadline. That letter never was written.

Fortunately for you, Scott did write such a letter and I will share it with you:

If you are not an early riser, polls close at 8 PM.