A friendly reminder that this week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is MUSIC:


A MUSIC photo is any photo that is related to MUSIC. From live MUSIC to recorded MUSIC to sheet MUSIC to toy MUSIC to MUSICal instruments. Anything that relates to the creation and/or playing of MUSIC. Good or bad MUSIC. Doesn’t matter.

Happy photo harvesting!


This isn’t related to anything, but I wanted to put a quote here that I used as part of a Youth Group lesson on the Secular World vs. the Sacred World on Wednesday:

“One of the great hindrances to the development of biblically informed mainstream art has been the perception that Christians should make Christian Art. And that Christian Art is always explicitly religious. Understood this way, Christian Art is not distinguished by a regenerated outlook on the whole of life, but on a narrow focus on Bible stories, saints, martyrs, and individual’s relationship with God. Christian Art in this sense is either and aid to worship or a means to evangelism.”

It comes from a book called Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts. I haven’t read this book yet, but I’ll be getting to it soon enough.

Here is another quote from the book I cam across:

“A corollary of this has been that Christians have thought that they should only create art with a Pollyanna quality to it: paintings of birds and kittens, movies that extol family life and end happily, songs that are positive and uplifting – in short, works of art that show a world that is almost unfallen where no one experiences conflict and where sin is naughty rather than wicked.”

Remember that Photography 139 is a Christian “business”. It believes in creating works of art that glorify God. This stuff will get dropped on you from time to time.