I’m still down in Houston on a Mission Trip with the Boone First United Methodist Youth Group. Hopefully I’m currently on a lunch break. Knocking down a sandwich that I prepared this morning shortly after breakfast.

Due to my geographical location, I can’t publish all the great submissions for SELF-PORTRAIT.

I will do that upon my return from Houston on Saturday. Or Sunday, when my body, mind, spirit, and soul are ready to tackle the blogging world again.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start working away on this week’s theme:


FACELESS PORTRAIT! What a great theme! But what does it mean? A FACELESS PORTRAIT is any portrait of somebody where you can’t see the face. It could show the back of their head, their hands, their torso, their tail, or their horns. These are just an example. It is even possible that the subject of your portrait might not be in the picture at all.

As always, I look forward to seeing your submissions when I return.

And, keep the youth group in your thoughts and prayers!