A Photo Journal – Henry Carroll – Page 32

Last Saturday Logan stopped by to show me his super sweet gimbal and to borrow my Rode microphone to see if it is something that he wanted to add one to his arsenal in the future.

I hadn’t actually touched the Rode in probably 4 or 5 years. I guess that isn’t 100% true. I picked it up and put it in the Photography Closet. But I haven’t actually attached it to the microphone in several years.

When I pulled it out of the closet I was shocked to find out that the battery was still alive. Which was a good thing because I was also shocked to discover it used a 9 volt battery.

After playing with the gimbal for a bit, Logan and I went out to McHose Park to take a picture for Page 32 for THE PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT:

Photo Journal - Page 32
Page 32 – Contrast movement and stillness in a single frame.

We took a few other images while we were out there:

Photo Journal - Page 32

Photo Journal - Page 32

Photo Journal - Page 32

Next week when we check in with the PHOTO JOURNAL PROJECT, we might check in with one of these pages:

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This is your reminder that this week’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is DESSERT.


A DESSERT photo is any photo involving a delicious, tasty DESSERT.

Happy photo harvesting!