If things went right for me yesterday, I’m currently in Rapid City, South Dakota on a mission trip with the Boone First United Methodist Church with 20 youths and 4 other chaperones. In fact, at 12:01 PM, I am most likely sitting down and taking a lunch break at the worksite. Eating, perhaps, and ham and cheese sandwich on a bagel. Delicious!

Since I’m nowhere near a computer (Thank God!) I won’t be posting the numerous delicious BREAKFAST photos that are no doubt waiting for me in my inbox. I will post those sometime after I return Friday night. Most likely sometime on Saturday or maybe even Sunday.

In case, you are interested in hearing about the Mission Trip, those that went on it will be talking about it during both church services on Sunday, June 30th. I’d love to see you there!

Even though I am unplugged, that doesn’t mean you can’t get started on this week’s theme:


CANDID PORTRAIT! What a great theme! But what is a CANDID PORTRAIT? A CANDID PORTRAIT is a portrait where the subject matter isn’t posing for the picture. That is it. Simple enough!

I look forward to seeing your interpretations!