Looking Like A True Survivor

After over 48 hours, I have power back! I’m still standing. Better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor. Feeling like a little kid. I’m still standing after all this time. Picking up the pieces of my life, without you on my mind.

It has been a couple of days, ever since the derecho ripped through central Iowa and my life. I’ll go into details in the future, but for now, take these hollyhock pictures as proof of life:

Nature's Amen - 2020

Nature's Amen - 2020

I’ve never seen a storm like that in my life. Don’t know that I ever will again.


Many of you probably didn’t get the email from my Monday, so if you didn’t, the theme for this week’s THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is MACRO:


A MACRO picture is a closeup image of an object. That is all there is to it!

3 thoughts on “Looking Like A True Survivor”

  1. I don’t know what I love most about electricity. A/C? Hot water? Refrigeration? It’s a toss up.

    I’m glad you’re back on. We came on Tuesday night around 6:30 – please let us know if you need anything.

  2. Tamara,

    Yeah. Wish I would have got better video of the storm though!


    I still had hot water because I have a gas water heater. You know, the one thing that I found that I missed the most was the radio. I need to get a radio that can play on batteries for a future derecho. Pretty sure as the planet continues to the circle the drain, these will become more regular. I do have one radio that can be powered by batteries, but who stocks 8 “C” batteries, just in case? Do they even make “C” batteries any longer? But I didn’t miss the air conditioning. It wasn’t that hot for those few days. I could probably live without refrigeration. I have a Yeti cooler.

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