Town Sign Project – Vol. 11

One of my goals for my vacation was to get 20 new town sign pictures for THE TOWN SIGN PROJECT. I thought I would hit this easy, because I had two road trips planned to completely opposite sides of the state. However, on my trip to Mines of Spain, I took zero town sign pictures. I cut that trip shorter than originally intended because of Naima’s leg injury. However, I did get one town sign picture on a small trip on the Tuesday of my vacation. 19 town sign pictures on my trip out west. Then one more for good measure on the Friday of my vacation.

I’m going to start this post though with 4 pictures I took on a trip down to the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge back in early August.

Colfax, Iowa
Colfax, Iowa – Jasper County
Population – 2,093

Mingo, Iowa
Mingo, Iowa – Jasper County
Population – 302

Prairie City, Iowa
Prairie City, Iowa – Jasper County
Population – 1,680

Rhodes, Iowa
Rhodes, Iowa – Marshall County
Population – 305

My takeaway from these town signs is that on Rhodes has an interesting sign. In some ways, a rather disappointing collection. Another thing of note. Rhodes has a tank in their downtown. One thing I’ve noticed in recent years is how many small Iowa towns have retired military equipment just sitting in the middle of their town.

On Tuesday I took a trip down to Jester Park and to Walnut Woods. I captured one town sign on this trip:

Booneville, Iowa
Booneville, Iowa – Dallas County

Booneville is an unincorporated town in Dallas County. It consists of a restaurant, a post office, a Methodist church, and a small RV park.

Then, on my trip to Preparation Canyon State Park, I took 19 town sign pictures. A ton of them in rain, so many of the signs are wet, but not in a flattering way.

Arcadia, Iowa
Arcadia, Iowa – Carroll County
Population 484

Arion, Iowa
Arion, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 108

Boyer, Iowa
Boyer, Iowa – Crawford County

Carroll, Iowa
Carroll, Iowa – Carroll County – County Seat
Population – 10,103

Carrollton, Iowa
Carrolton, Iowa – Carroll County
Ghost Town

Charter Oak, Iowa
Charter Oak, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 502

Denison, Iowa
Denison, Iowa – Crawford County – County Seat
Population – 8,298

Dow City, Iowa
Dow City, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 510

Dunlap, Iowa
Dunlap, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 1,042

Kiron, Iowa
Kiron, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 279

Lidderdale, Iowa
Lidderdale, Iowa – Carroll County
Population – 180

Moorhead, Iowa
Moorhead, Iowa – Monona County
Population – 226

Mt. Carmel, Iowa
Mt. Carmel, Iowa – Carroll County
Unincorporated, maybe?

Ricketts, Iowa
Ricketts, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 145

Schlewswig, Iowa
Schleswig, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 882

Soldier, Iowa
Soldier, Iowa – Monona, County
Population – 174

Vail, Iowa
Vail, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 436

Westside, Iowa
Westside, Iowa – Crawford County
Population – 299

Willey, Iowa
Willey, Iowa – Carroll County
Population – 88

This is not a disappointing collection of signs. I’m in particular a big fan of the Ricketts sign. It has many of the elements I love. It exists. It is fun. It has a slogan. It includes advertising for a town event that happened decades ago.

Then finally, one last sign. I stumbled across this on the Friday of my vacation. It is a town I have been to plenty of times as it is only a few miles from Boone. However, they never had a town sign. Until apparently very recently.

Fraser, Iowa
Fraser, Iowa – Boone County
Population – 102

All population figures come from the 2010 census.

On this trip, I realized that I need a slightly new strategy for tackling this project. I ordered an Iowa Gazetteer. I’m going to keep in the car and compile lists of towns in counties before I even leave for these trips. I hope to do an entire county on a trip. Without leaving random towns missed here and there. Right now, I don’t have any counties completely knocked off. Not even Boone County. I don’t even have the Boone sign for this trip. Ames, is another one, you would think is a no-brainer. But I don’t have that one either. You can see, I have plenty of sign hunting to do in just my own back yard.

You can check out all the signs that I have captured so far, you can click on the link below:

Town Sign Project

There are 121 pictures so far, but I bet I can get that number close to 200 by the end of the year.

4 thoughts on “Town Sign Project – Vol. 11”

  1. I would have to say Pilot Mound is my favorite sign. But also really love the signs for Scranton and Grand Junction. Although, Grand Junction recently put up a new sign that looks nicer and has considerably less character. Which unfortunately is happening in too many places. Granger’s sign is also a winner to me. I also like Collins. For a new sign it has some character. I also like Ricketts sign. The interesting thing is that I think the star on the sgin that is suppose to represent where Ricketts is, is way too south. I applaud Dana for its simplicity. Berkley’s is also an understated masterpiece.

    I can’t believe I don’t have Mongoina’s sign up. It might be my favorite when I get it posted, but until then, it is Pilot Mound.

    I’ve signs I haven’t captured yet that I do want to get soon is Ackley. Plus Boone’s new town sign is pretty cool too.

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