Town Sign Project: Greene County & Story County

I stated in a blog post on Sunday (that has some interesting information in the comments section – Click on this link: Town Sign Project: Boone County) that I’m going to start breaking these signs down by county. When I looked into it, I had already taken a picture of every incorporated town in Greene County. I was only missing two signs from Story County.

While I was snooping around Story County looking at the Unincorporated Communities of Fernald and Shipley, I made another decision to not seek out unincorporated communities in future searches. Not because I have a disdain for Unincorporated communities, but because basically they don’t have signs. If they do, it is only the DOT sign that points out that a community exists here. Moingona has really been the only exception here. So, unless I just happen to stumble across an unincorporated community or get a tip, they are out.

Here are the the town signs of Greene County (Population is based on 2010 Census):

Jefferson, Iowa
Jefferson, Iowa – 4,435

Grand Junction, Iowa
Grand Junction, Iowa – 824

Scranton, Iowa
Scranton, Iowa – 557

Churdan, Iowa
Churdan, Iowa – 386

Rippey, Iowa
Rippey, Iowa – 292

Paton, Iowa
Paton, Iowa – 236

Ralston, Iowa
Ralston, Iowa – 79

Dana, Iowa
Dana, Iowa – 71

I would give Scranton the award for the best town sign in Greene County. Ralston would probably be last.

Here are the town signs from Story County.

Ames, Iowa
Ames, Iowa – 58,965

Nevada, Iowa
Nevada, Iowa – 6,798

Story City, Iowa
Story City, Iowa – 3,431

Huxley, Iowa
Huxley, Iowa – 3,317

Slater, Iowa
Slater, Iowa – 1,489

Roland, Iowa
Roland, Iowa – 1,284

Gilbert, Iowa
Gilbert, Iowa – 1,082

Maxwell, Iowa
Maxwell, Iowa – 920

Colo, Iowa
Colo, Iowa – 876

Cambridge, Iowa
Cambridge, Iowa – 827

Zearing, Iowa
Zearing, Iowa – 554

Collins, Iowa
Collins, Iowa – 495

McCallsburg, Iowa
McCallsburg, Iowa – 333

Sheldahl, Iowa
Sheldahl, Iowa – 319

Kelly, Iowa
Kelley, Iowa – 309

I would say that Collins has the best town sign in Story County. Sheldahl is is also solid. The worst is either Ames or Zearing.

Pastor Sarah once asked me what my favorite sign is so far. Of the three counties we’ve been over, these would be my Top 5:

Scranton, Iowa
#5. Scranton, Iowa

Collins, Iowa
#4. Collins, Iowa

Boone, Iowa
#3. Boone, Iowa

Pilot Mound, Iowa
#2. Pilot Mound, Iowa

Moingona, Iowa
#1. Moingona, Iowa

Now, that is how I feel today. I’m sure if asked tomorrow, I would rank a different Top5. But I think the Top 3 is pretty solid.


This is your reminder that this week’s THE WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE theme is RUINS:


A RUINS picture is any picture of something that has seen better days.

Happy photo harvesting!

4 thoughts on “Town Sign Project: Greene County & Story County”

  1. I have to agree with your top three, although I want to give Pilot Mound #1 from the part of my heart prone to nostalgia.

    I don’t know why Ames doesn’t have non-corporate signage. And how is Zearing coming up with the money for uninteresting signage?

  2. Pilot Mound and Moingona are kind of a coin toss for me. I could really see it going the either way.

    Here’s the deal on Ames. If they didn’t put those signs up recently, I would consider Ames Town Sign to be the rusty “Welcome to Ames” sign that is near Hilton. Which I’ve always thought was pretty cool.

    Zearing used to have a better sign:

    Zearing, Iowa

    Then they went all boring. It is sad really.

  3. I think my favorite part of the Pilot Mound sign is that it should be spelled “holler.” But Pilot Moundians reject Merriam and Webster’s rules and do what they want, in the name of friendliness. It’s awesome.

    I do enjoy that Hilton sign. Alice and I went to the little park behind it and took some of her 10-year photos this summer. I like that whole area, and I want sometime to go into the little welcome center.

    Yeah, that Zearing sign is so much more fun!

  4. I’ve been in that little building a couple times for work, but I don’t remember why. I had to drop off something or pick something up. I don’t know that it is all that impressive inside. But I’ll let you make your own evaluations.

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